Sunday, 19 July 2009

European Portuguese, a bit of 'Regência - emprego da crase' 18/07

This class I could developed a brief explanation about how to employ the 'crase' too feared by Portuguese speakers.

Firstly, at her request the basic concept were explained according to the examples bellow:

Crase is the merge of the preposition 'a'+ the definite article 'a'. Hence, a+a = à

ex: Vou à França na próxima semana. - the presence of 'à' is due to merge between a+a. A great hint to find out where the 'crase' occurs is to substitute the preposition a by para.

ex: Vou para a França.

Vou a Paris - Vim de Paris
- there is no 'crase' on the example due to the non existence of article 'a'. Therefore no 'à'.

For the next class I am going to develop a exercise sequence by coming across the 'crase' employment, verb transitivity and a little of regency. My purpose therefore is to create a didactic sequence using text from Internet, especially through ' Diário de Notícia' an important Portuguese newspaper.

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