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Level 2 - 20/07/2009

Hello my Friends,
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Yesterday it was our 6th Level 2 Portuguese class. The students are very excited we could learn a bit of grammar as well as gender of speech. I decided to choose the gender 'news'. Basically it is composed of Internet web sites, especially Brazilian web-sites as globo.com and folhaonline.com.

The verbs in the past were studied and also the gender 'news' assessed.

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bellow the verbs in the past ( regular)
  1. Verbo falar - it will be a pattern for all regular verbs in 1st conjugation
eu falei
tu falaste - você falou
ele/ ela fala

nós falamos
vós falastes - vocês falaram
eles falaram

2. Verbo comer - it will be a pattern for all regular verbs in 2nd conjugation

eu comi
tu comeste - você comeu
ele/ ela comeu

nós comemos
vós comeste - vocês comeram
eles comeram

Later the verbs of third conjugation will be studied. Any question, please feel free to email us.

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