Thursday, 16 July 2009

European Portuguese - Verbs.... 16/07/2009

Today, we covered some important elements of writing production. for the first time I could teach the real grammar. By the way, the syntax domain can lead people to a better writing skills.

I just correct one report about the importance of the relationship between Brazil and Portugal. I particularly believe that is good idea due to the great moment that the American country is going through.

The notion of transitive and intransitive verbs were taught and also the Portuguese language structure: S V O A.

Currently, we could cover the verbs in the Present, Perfect and Imperfect Past. Exercises were done in order to accurately describe the verb function in the language. In the next classes, I would like to come up with exercise in order to really enhance the verb knowledge.

The text were well made and described by employing verbs in the simple past.

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